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ABOUT JSC: JSC or Junior School Certificate exam is the second public exam in Bangladesh. Students attend in JSC exam when they finish their study of class 8. The exam make the students more careful to their study. The exam also provide a certificate for students and students can use the certificate for various purpose. The exam was started in Bangladesh in 2010 .

                                                  JSC BD
TYPE OF EXAM: Exam will be held in two types without Bangla 2nd part, English 1st and 2nd part and mathematics such as-

1: Broad question

2: MCQ

DURATION OF EXAM: Duration of each exam is generally  three hours.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: In the year the number of students join in JSC  and JDC are 1861113. Boys students of them are 861764 , girls students are 999349 and the number of irregular students are 274349.


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